How to trade in your used items with us

Is it time to dust off that unused gear and give it a new lease of life? If so, let us help you find it a new home.

We know how it goes, not every pedal, amp or guitar needs to be part of your collection, and sometimes it just feels right to have a good old clear out and make way for something fresh!

That's where we come in, as we can offer you a route to getting shot of some unwanted items, for a better than usual return!

We're more than happy to learn more about all the FX pedals you may be looking to part with, but equally as happy to hear about any other gear too, such as amps and guitars.

We have set up a streamlined system for you to be able to send us all the information regarding the gear you're looking to offload.

Simply follow the 'Let Us Know What You've Got' link below, complete the quiz, and we'll reply with a quote within 48hours.

Just so you know, we don't offer upfront cash for your used gear, and instead we have two payment options available to you; the full information for which is below.

You are able to use either payment option or a combination of the two for any used items you trade/sell with us.


With this option we assign Pedal Jungle Loyalty Points to your Loyalty Reward Account that can then be redeemed to purchase any other items on the store in your own time.

This option 'locks-in' an agreed value for your item after we have discussed this with you. For example, if the agreed price is £100 for your used item, we would associate £100 worth of points to your account. Points can easily be redeemed for a gift voucher code to spend directly on the store at any point you wish.

This is the quickest route to receive a 'payment' in exchange for your used items, as we assign the points to your Loyalty Account as the soon as your items arrive with us and have been fully checked and approved for second hand sale.


On consignment is a slightly different option approach as we effectively sell this via our store on your behalf, and take a 25% commission of the final sale price (excluding shipping) for doing so.

A highest and lowest value of the used item is agreed before we list, and once the item is sold, we pay your portion of the sale via Pedal Jungle Loyalty Points OR a direct payment via PayPal. 

This is the slower option to receive a 'payment' in exchange for your used goods, but can result in a higher trade-in amount than option 1, but only if the item sells at the highest agreed value.