Sian and Paul are Pedal Jungle. A husband & wife duo based in Kent, United Kingdom and we just dig pedals, coffee and plants!

The truth is this isn't our first rodeo, as we have been running eCommerce stores for the past decade with our own designs and products.

But the fact we dig great music, pedals and coffee led us to think, hey, why not bring these passions and skills together, and bring something a little bit different to the FX pedal scene.

In doing so, we wanted to align ourselves with our overall mission in the process.


Our aim here at Pedal Jungle is to provide the best FX pedals and accessories, hand picked from the greatest hand crafted, boutique builders worldwide, all blended in with our own original range of merch and coffee.

In doing so this allows us to serve our overall mission.

We wanted to create a company that was based on the idea and values of brotherhood, and not just be another company selling stuff online.

Our goal is to treat every customer like a brother; or sister, and create an FX Pedal Brotherhood community that we are proud of, and you are proud to be a part of too!

To achieve this, our primary goal has always been to create an extraordinary customer experience by finding ways to put our customer first in everything we do, and be a cut above the rest.

This lead to us creating policies like our No-Fuss Returns and our Loyalty Rewards Program, plus to uphold the highest level of customer service at all times, and interacting with our customers to get their thoughts and feedback - all which helps to ensure every customer is satisfied, every time! 

We want to truly connect with our community and support everyone we come in contact with as we all strive to make our FX Pedal Brotherhood a great place to be.


The values we live and run our brand by are very important to us, and part of the Pedal Jungle ethos is to Do Good and Giveback where we can, both in our personal and business lives.

ALL of the products you will find on our store are responsibly sourced, and we have insured that all accessories are vegan made ONLY.

ALL of our clothing and other merch products are vegan and organic/recycled, and our coffee is Fair Trade, organic and vegan.

We have also partnered with Green Spark so that a portion of EVERY order on the store goes towards their social and environmental impact goals. From planting trees globally, to offsetting carbon emissions and reducing plastic waste, you are helping us achieve greater impacts with every purchase made with us.

We also aim to ensure that all packaging is plastic free, and our processes and operations are as sustainable and economical as possible.

We will always be looking at ways to evolve and do even better as we grow.


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