• Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal
  • Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal - Pedal Jungle
  • Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal
  • Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal - Pedal Jungle
  • Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal - Pedal Jungle
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Benson Amps Delay FX Pedal

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There's been lot's of talk about the Benson delay over the past few months, well, it's finally here, so carve out some time with the...

There's been lot's of talk about the Benson delay over the past few months, well, it's finally here, so carve out some time with the latest and freshest pedal from revered USA builders Benson Amps.

With a modern bucket brigade analog voicing PT2399 chip at it's heart, and a whole range of musical sounds in between 30ms - 1250ms, you can go from slow blurred and haunted soundscapes tones, to faster chorus and vibrato and slap, plus head out of this world with an awesome LFO, and play around with plenty of modern features too.

The Details
  • Effect: Delay
  • Made in the USA
  • Modern analog bucket brigade voicing
  • Delay times range from 30ms - 1250ms
  • Warble, chorus and slab, to flutter, chaos and degradation
  • Tap tempo
  • LFO with range of speed and depth
  • PT2399 chip
  • Rugged chassis with speckled finish
  • 9V power jack (center negative) or battery
  • Built with top quality components
  • Two year warranty to original buyer

**PLEASE NOTE This pedal is for use only with a 9vdc Boss syle center negative power supply. There is space for a battery which is activated when a cable is plugged into the input, and there is no power supply plugged into the DC jack.

Please do not subject this pedal to more than 9vdc or the pedal or power supply could be destroyed.

What Do Benson Say?

What Do Benson Say?

The design process was characteristically obsessive and often dysfunctional, so we’ll spare you most of it. Lots of bright people in the industry left their mark in one way or another. Special shout outs to Jack Deville, Bryan Sours and John Snyder. Lessee...after dutifully slogging through the modern bucket brigade scene for a while, we found our paradise in the form of the ubiquitous PT2399. Turns out, when you treat it well, you can get a massive and great sounding delay range out of it. We utilized a combination of gooey compander chip, analog filtering, and extremely careful gain staging (amp designers are decent at that). We hope you love it.

With our history in tape and bucket brigade echo servicing, we were obviously going to go with the floaty and colorful repeats with a chaotic yet musical degradation. That’s the heart of the thing, the whole point.

The Benson Delay goes fast enough to do chorus and vibrato and slap, and slow enough to create blurred and haunted soundscapes, with a whole range of warbly musical sounds in between. 30ms - 1250ms!


To access LFO waveform and tap division menu, hold down BYPASS for two seconds, then tap TAP/ HOLD once. BYPASS switch toggles between SINE, SQUARE and RANDOM waveforms, which will blink 1, 2 or 3 times respectively. TAP/HOLD switch toggles through QUARTER, DOTTED EIGHTH, and SIXTH- EENTH note tap divisions, and the LED will blink 1, 2 or 3 times (respectively). Hold down BYPASS for two seconds to exit MENU.

Hold down the tap knob to boost feedback for some self oscillation! Perfect for holding notes out, and especially for making alien invasion noises in tandem with the time knob (within a toe’s reach). Works when the feedback knob is up a bit. Does not introduce unwanted clicking sounds into the signal path. Adjustable via internal trim pot.

The Low Frequency Oscillator has a tremendous range of both speed and depth, as well as sine, square and random waveforms. Does warble, seasick, flutter, all the good sounds.

The Benson Delay has the most accurate tap tempo ever applied to the PT2399 thanks to Bontempo, an open source technology concocted by Antoine Ricoux at Electric Canary, which was then refined and implemented by film colorist Octave Zangs (two geniuses). Each pedal CALIBRATES ITSELF IT’S SO COOL.

We wanted to avoid the more modern issues of delay design; like the digital jaggedness that can come from adjusting the time control on a digitally clocked device, whether analog or a fully digital simula- tion (ever notice that?). In other words, let’s not assume the aforementioned aliens have glitchy space- ships.

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Customer Reviews

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Great delay pedal, and the service from Pedal Jungle is stellar as always

Thanks Chris, and many thanks for your order and positive comments, it's our pleasure as always.

Chris Vernon
Benson Delay

Speedy delivery, good communications with a personal touch, and of course the Benson Delay is superb!

Hear the Benson Delay in action