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Mad Professor Supreme Overdrive FX Pedal

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*This is a Special Order item that we order quickly and directly from our suppliers after your purchase and ship to you within 2-5 days.*When the...

*This is a Special Order item that we order quickly and directly from our suppliers after your purchase and ship to you within 2-5 days.*

When the world famous tone connoisseur and guitarist Matt Schofield was looking for a specific type of overdrive, the Supreme was born out of the collaboration between Matt and Mad Professor.

The Supreme delivers great overdrive tones and a 'two-pedals in one' functionality via the easy to operate foot switch.

Switching from one side to the other with just a single press on the switch, side A gives an awesome low gain drive and boost while side B will produce a fatter range of dynamic tone with more headroom that contains some "power amp" response.

The Supreme is a great addition for multiple types of setups, just get creative with it!

The Details
  • Special Order item
  • Expected to ship within 2-5 days
  • Effect: Overdrive
  • Made in Europe (Finland)
  • In collaboration with guitarist Matt Schofield
  • Two pedals in one
  • Dual sided overdrive pedal
  • Foot switchable 'A' and 'B' sides
  • Versatile EQ on both sides
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Complete bypass (true bypass)
  • Current draw: 15ma
  • 9vDC
  • Voltage range: 8V-12V (Higher voltage does not affect the headroom)
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
What Do Mad Professor Say?

The pedal is called Supreme because it simply excels in both tone and functionality. Supreme was born in collaboration with the world famous tone connoisseur Matt Schofield. Matt was looking after the best guitar overdrive tones possible and a specific functionality: two pedals in one, switching from one side to the other with just a single press on the switch.

The tones were set for a great all around boost to low gain drive on the A side used mostly on a neck pickup. The A side is heavily based on our famous Royal Blue Overdrive pedal. And for the B side a fat dynamic tone containing some ”power amp” response with a lot of headroom. The B side is a completely new design and is used mostly on a bridge pickup. This is the way Matt prefers to use the Supreme pedal.

No matter which kind of guitar is your preference, you can fine tune the other side for the neck pickup and the other for bridge and have optimized tones for your pickups by a single press on the switch. Both sides have very versatile EQ sections containing both treble and bass controls for the best results.

Another use of the Supreme would be for example playing into a single channel amp using the other side for a rhythm tone and other side for leads with more volume as well. You have two different gain and volume levels reachable by a single press on the switch going from side A to side B. In another words, you have the ability to easily bypass or switch between two ”channels” with full individual EQ/gain/volume without using a complex programmable switcher!

The fun doesn’t even end here as you can also set both of the drives into independent mode and stack them. Stacking the drives will lead you into another huge variety of tones Supreme will deliver. Supreme in stacking mode works best in case you’re in need for more gain and compression.

You choose what is the best use of Supreme, the ultimate guitar overdrive pedal.



  • Toggle switch: Selects OD switching between stacked and either/or modes.

Both OD sides:

  • VOLUME: sets the output level
  • DRIVE: adjusts the amount of distortion
  • TREBLE: adjusts the amount of the high frequencies
  • BASS: adjusts the amount of the low frequencies


Never operate the unit with its bottom removed or damage will most likely occur.


Supreme is protected against wrong eliminator polarity.

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